Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I may withdraw from the Subang Parade bazaar this weekend. Maybe. Im not sure yet. Reason being is, err here, do you know that I have other business Im running? Which is a birthday business, you can take a look here.

Usually, I have my husband to help me especially the admin thingy, like posting the parcels, reply the birthday emails - because they have standard process, cutting etc, but the dear husband is not here. He's away for a business trip for a week since last weekend. Can you imagine? :p

I was left with Nasya and am struggling myself with all these orders. They are fun but if I cannot meet the deadline, I am DEAD.

So, I called him, which Im sure, the next morning, my phone will be barred because I talked to much. This is normally happen when he is outstation. So I told him that I plan to withdraw because or these piling orders and I want to deliver on time..and he agreed. But then, still, it depends how tomorrow goes. If, I managed to finished 50% of the supposed to be done items, then you will see me at the bazaar, and vice versa.

And when this happen, I am seriously going to look for a real assistant as I cannot breath anymore. I turned into a monster to my daughter and that is so unfair to her.

But I managed to sew for this little lady. 2 dresses actually. But I did these last week.


I love matroshyka so much and wonder what should I make using that fabric. Thought to make a skirt but Nasya wanted a dress, so peasant dress it is.

batik dress

The batik dress was inspired by Durra. Then I dig my treasure box and saw that batik which I kept for almost 2 years and now it turned to Nasya's dress.

Why I can squeeze these two in between orders because peasant dress is easy and its fast.

And ok, I think I need to go now, Im totally tired. Its 3.17 am already.




d u r a said...

awww, nasya is sooo cute :)

i love matryoshka dolls too. sayang betul nak potong kain dia.
teringin pulak nak jahit peasant dress bila baca entry u, but with another fabric la. definitely not matryoshka dolls fabric lah, sayanggg..

the batik peasant dress tu cantik. batik with paisley motif ke tu?

okinokiyo said...

Dura, I takleh sayang2 nnti ayah dia question ni apa beli banyak2 simpan?? So kene buat.. :p takper nnti leh beli lagi :p

Haa batik tu paisley punya prints tp gemok2 punya paisley. comel plak bila dah siap. And ada lagi sket kain I think boleh buat top. Really jimat kain batik lepas besar!