Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Fasting!

OMG, I went missing for almost 2 weeks? No, Im not, just busy with I-dont-know-what. So, this is a cheat entry, coz some of the photos, I shared them already in the facebook.

Sling bags made the first appearance at the BNM Puspanita Bazaar

Hot cake fabric

Packed and go

Lovely lollipops

Matchy matchy

I slot some personal sewing for my lil one's Hari raya clothing..A line skirt, fabric from Sue MyBotang. Since its only half yard and big prints, I just make a classic A line Skirt for Nasya. She loves it and cried when I said to sell it.. ;p

And guess what, for those who wants a handmade clothing, different from others, do drop by Markets at Jaya One, more dresses & skirts coming to meet you all..Buy more to get discounts :D

Last kopek for hari raya! :D

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