Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rorry Hat

Munirah ordered this Rorry hat last month, before raya and I just finished making it sometimes last week. Its for Harith. When I snap this photo, I have yet completed another one for Uwais. And there is another hat for Athirah :)

Anyways, Im going to elaborate the Rorry Hat in this post. Its a unisex hat. Suitable for babies to toddler. And I made one in linen, bought by a customer for her sweet daughter Maya, and another one I made in oxford fabric also perfect bought by a customer during 4th Crafty Market.

Shown here is Harith's in black corduroy. You know that sewing corduroy is, soooo tedious, as it frays, like h*ll. So, thats why the price is RM65.

As usual, its reversible, and I only use cotton for the inner layer. Dont ask me to put another corduroy inside. Please listen to the expert :P. Imagine, you want a chiffon baju kurung layered with another chiffon, it just doesnt work ok? For babies, I will suggest lined with organic cotton. :)

And since I ran out of colors for corduroy, I stocked up the stash with some new colors, see below.

And, I have a printed corduroy in pink too! Limited to 2 pieces only. Let me know if you wanted a floral printed corduroy, I will try to get that as well.

And last but not least, model in action!

Athirah & Hartih during their gateway in Cameron Highland. Looks like professional model right? Thanks Munirah for the photo!

If you want a beautiful photos, you can go engage Munirah coz she is a pro! Go here to see her beautiful snapshots

So, yes, I will accept Rorry Hat order with oxford, linen and corduroy fabric for the outer layer, and any cotton for the inner layer. The combination just perfect, okay?

Have a nice day!


asuhara sue said...

i likeeeeeee! oh ya..shes like a pro! nasha aziz jr?

giraffe said...

mai,i still waiting kalu u bole jahit military hat for adult.i nak order sedondon ayah dan anak set.:)

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

sue : yg model tu bukan nasya lah! :p

giraffe : nope, its only for kids dear. I let someone else do hats for adult :D Im no pro bab adult.