Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This week

This week can be said a bit hectic, but then, I managed to squeeze sometime to sew something for my daughter. She hardly has new dress (for home). Since Im officially an Instagram addict, I want to snap pictures as much as possible because editing is fun! I managed to buy Snapseed apps when it went free last week. Yayyy, the normal price is $4.99.

Anyways, I made a dress using a batik sarong, bought in Bandung 3 years back. Love the colors, not a usual floral batik prints and suitable for anything you want to sew. Batik sarong, is a good deal since its big, almost 3 yards I think and I could make 2 dresses out of it, and still got remaining, which, I can make few bags I think.

Peasant dress on the left, and another on the right. See the different expression? :p

Last nite, I made one order for Nurul. Nurul was a walk in customer in last Crafty Market, and one of the order is this hat, for a friend's son. Happy birthday little boy!

Yellow cars fabric & Turqouise Train fabric. Super ♥

This is the 3rd dress I made for Nasya this week. The fabric was bought last 2 years for Nasya's baju kurung and suddenly it turns out to be a dress. :D

Using the same pattern for Nasya's 2nd birthday dress.

And last but not least, this is a DIY skirt. I posted this in the FB yesterday. Using a natural cotton, I sew, dye, draw and let Nasya color it. Em, she did add few drawings of her and a cousin by the slide. I might say that this is a one of a kind skirt, because, another person can hardly make the same skirt as this. You can try this too at home.

Coloring and drawing done using a fabric pen & crayon. Fabric pen can be bought at Art Friend, The Gardens. The fabric crayon can be found in Popular. There are also Fabric Markers by Crayola I saw at Toys R Us.

A one of a kind skirt

So, how is your week so far? Do follow me on Instagram! My nickname as usual, okinokiyo!


sisdee said...

lawanya sunhat tu..combinasi kaler dia best!! hehehhe...

hat yg order ngan mai mmg jadi fav sarah klu tak pki tudung :)

creative nya mai kt skirt nasya tu...awesome!!!

alamaya said...

sunhat tu kain dia cantik.....kyrapun dah lama takde dress yang i jait..raya kali nipun sume beli jekk...takde feeling....hehe..