Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another ballerina fabric

So I passed that previous ballerina fabric because I'm scared the fabric - linen blended is not suitable for Nasya. I forgot that she is a sensitive skin girl and last time she got rashes when I put her a shantung silk dress..

So I find in Etsy another ballerina fabric. And this time around is a 100% cotton! It has Eiffel Tower prints, the merry go round, and the shoe - why you call it? And the seller has in 2 shades, pink and grey. So guess which one I buy? :D

On the other note, today is Nasya's 3rd birthday. I didnt managed to finish the dress I made for her. Bad mommy because of some other commitment comes in between. But I will try by today. She wears the same green Heather Bailey's print today in the school with her Mickey Mouse cake.

Hope she is happy. I think she is, because she was smiling ears to ears when I saw her this morning.

Its pretty rite?


Zura said...

haaa...yang ni lagi cute! what's the name of this print ya? border fabric kan, must buy extra yardage. mmesti comel buat dress fr Nasya!

okinokiyo said...

ni japanese cotton..taktau apa namanye.Dia tulis Sweet Ballerina jek. Its Japanese cotton btw..cute kan?

My Botang said...

awwww sweet nyer this print.. tak penah nampak lagi at shops.. mind giving me the etsy seller's name??

okinokiyo said...

The seller is bytinster